Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Speech recognition

The thing I enjoyed about the writing of my speech was getting it done and finally finishing it, I was proud of that. The challenges were thinking of ideas for my speech and thinking of a topic. I think that I was running out of ideas and I thought I couldn't do it but that was just a bad voice in my head. I overcame this challenge by talking to other people and hearing what they were doing.  This eventually gave me an idea to write about.  Overall I feel proud of my writing because it was fun to write I think is was wonderful and made sense.

When I practised reading my speech out loud I tried to look at the people I was speaking to, when I looked at them I could see they connected with me. I looked at the audience and spoke well which made my class intrigued with the way I spoke. I was challenged to look at the audience not just at my cards. I overcame looking at the audience and I did not feel nervous. Overall I feel proud of the presentation of my speech because I put time and effort into it and it was all worth it.

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