Sunday, September 11, 2016

Waking up

My eyes opened just slightly. I stared at the curtains, I saw sunlight shining through them as I lay there in my bed, so warm. I blinked at the clock it was 7.00am. I could not get out of bed, the blankets we're grasping me, they were asking me to stay. Three minutes later I suddenly leaped out of  bed like a loose spring ready to start a new day. “Good morning Mum and Dad, nice to see you. It's the first day of school term. Good morning Keira and Ari it's nice to see you too.”

Scoffing breakfast down I felt so excited to go back to school and see my friends. I could not find my school uniform anywhere. Searching through my drawers I finally found it. As I cleaned my teeth the toothpaste made my mouth feel as if I had a mouth full of mints. After putting my shoes on and doing up my shoelaces, I jumped out the door, stepped through the cold air into the car - yeah I was finally going to school.

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  1. I love you writing anika it's great you put lots of detail in it and I reamber being exsited to see my friends again it was great. You are so good at putting detail in your writing love it