Sunday, November 13, 2016

Character description

Are you sure you want to know who she is? Okay, fine, I will tell you. Her hair is short, black and silky. She is very skinny, almost like a broom. She wears her black karate clothes everyday. She moves like a slick and very sly spy. She hardly ever smiles and always hides in the shadows. Her eyes are dark black and her skin is light pink.

She has one fail after another. For example she is constantly picking her nose trying to scoop big boogers out, she doesn't ever get any boogers, as hard as she tries. She lives under the ground and to get yourself inside you will need to find the secret hatch. She has a big obsession with karate but she is horrible at it. Her friends are fat, rude, and mean. They all get along well and do bad things together. When I said she always picks her nose I meant it. Imagine this, she's standing on a stage for a karate tournament, she is about to try and cut the wood with her bare hands, then suddenly she sticks her finger up her nose furiously digging to get a big booger out. To everyone's surprise she stuffs the crumbly, giant clumps of big disgusting boogers in her mouth. 

This is a typical phrase she uses - “Poo’s on toast and oh shitaky mushrooms”. She speaks like she's up to something (but sometimes she isn't, but she mostly is.) She speaks in a peculiar Russian voice.  When she talks to her mother, well when I say talk I mean argues with her, she swears and tries to kick and hit her. When she's on the phone to her mother she punches the phone and hurts her hand doing it.

She hangs out at her karate place with her mean, and rude friends. When people see her they screw up their noses in disgust. Lots of people say she is weird. She lives underground and all you can see is worms out of the windows.

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