Sunday, April 30, 2017

Responsible Citizen

When I describe myself as a responsible citizen I think I am extended abstract because if I see someone crying I help them and ask what happened and why they are crying. When I see someone that looks lost, sad or lonely I will help them and include them in what I am doing so they feel good. I can teach others how to be a helpful bystander. This might get them higher in their own learning, which might help them to teach others.

My next step is to help even more people by listening to what they say, because if they are sad i can encourage them to tell me what happened. If they are doing something wrong, I will tell them to stop so they know what not to do. Then they might tell someone to stop doing something that is bad themselves. If I do this I can get even higher in my own learning. My learning will be a higher standard and I will be able to learn in different ways.

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