Thursday, June 22, 2017

Week 1 science

These are some of the differences that we saw while we were watching the onager and trebuchet. The onager’s projectile goes faster than the trebuchet, but lower. The onager has more velocity than the trebuchet. The onager is smaller than the trebuchet so it has a less chance of going further than the trebuchet.

The trebuchet’s projectile goes higher then the onager’s and has not as much velocity. It goes fast all the way except for the very end when it stops. The trebuchet is bigger than the onager so it has a more chance of going further.

While we were watching the onager and the Trebuchet these are the similarities we came up with. They both go in the air and they both get slingshotted and they both get pulled by string triggers.

We wonder if the trebuchet and the onager were used in the olden days to fire weapons at their enemies. I wonder if they were made out of metal would they throw further than they already do?

Overall we think that Trebuchet goes further which is good for firing longer distance and the onager is good to fire at walls.

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