Monday, July 3, 2017

week 4 science

Week 4: Trebuchet
When we were looking at the Trebuchet I noticed that it move around like a spiral that you can almost see is push through air . The ball flew up into the air the Trebuchet made the ball go really far. I think that the Trebuchet is big and that it can throw the ball a long distance. When I throw a ball  I can nearly throw it as far. I also noticed that the more weights we put into the bucket it went further . I think that the ball went further when more weights were in it because the weight that were in the bucket would go faster towards the ground. I wonder if the more weights I would put in the bucket whether or not I would have to pull the string harder. I also wonder if there is a certain amount of weights that I have to put in until too  many weights are in the bucket and the ball will not go any further. I think that my data gathering is relational because I made a cart and wrote down all the measurements went, and how far the ball went each time. The forces we used was push or a pull when we pulled the string to let the ball go. I think my inferencing is relational because I can infer how far the ball with different amounts of weight.

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