Friday, July 7, 2017

Week 9 science

This week we were looking at three different things.

For the slingshot rockets, we think that it works better with two rubber bands because it gives the slingshot more power and strength to make it go higher.  We think when you flick your wrist forward when you let the rubber band go it  goes further. Our inferencing is good because we have lots of ideas  and we will predict how far it will go.

Next we did flipping frogs.  Anika and I won the highest jumping frog because we used a really small rubber band and made it stretch far so it could jump so high. When we won we couldn't enter the best looking one but we still coloured it in.

Last we did the Angle launcher we found out that the best degree to have the angle angle launcher was 45° - it fired 99cm. We had to push the little ball down in the launcher with a black stick.

Overall I think the best was the flipping frog because we enjoyed it the most.  

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