Thursday, September 7, 2017

When bees attack

Buzz is that a bee, duck it might sting you. Waaait, freeze, think about it, is that how you react when you see a bee?
One Lovely summer's day you are strolling down the street and you hear a faint noise. Suddenly a bee comes along and lands on you and you freak out “ahhh there’s a bee on me, get it off me” and you just freeze like an ice block, you can't move. Slowly waiting the painful seconds that feel like hours for it to get off you, then it zips away and you stay still until it has flown out of sight.  You casually continue on walking.

Or are you the type of person that just doesn't care if a bee lands on you, or if people scream at you saying “don't move there is a bee on you”, and you just say in a relaxing way “ oh well it's just a silly little bee it  really doesn't do a lot” . Then suddenly you reach your hand up and flick it off you shoulder and continue on talking pretending it was never there. Trust me that is nothing like me. Later on that day…...

One peaceful springs day the blossoms are out and the leaves on the trees are a beautiful green. All the flowers are dancing in the wind and you are sitting on the couch relaxing. Suddenly the same black and yellow bumble bee flies in the  window and you scream your head off.

your mum comes running in and you point to the bee in shock and your Yum says in a sarcastic way “ahh it's so big, Ok get me a piece of paper and I'll put it outside”, and you are still freaking out. Your mum tries to carefully to pick it up and it sticks on her and she says with shock “ get it off me it might sting me, help do something, get it outside.

That brings me to the end of my speech, I hope you enjoyed listening and just think that whatever way you react when you see a bee, someone else does the same thing somewhere.
Buzz do you hear that? It is that the bee again.

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